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Southeast Dental Partners provides an array of services to all of its partner practices that give  value and stability to the doctor and the team. We have proven systems that are strategic in ensuring these back office and management services are accomplished efficiently. This allows the team to focus on patient care and satisfaction.

Our credentialing specialists handle everything for all partner and associate dentists in terms of becoming credentialed with insurance companies for third party reimbursements. We developed key relationships with insurance companies and use our economies of scale to gain reimbursement rates that single practices and other groups are unable to attain.

Our billing specialists keep track of account balances and patient refunds. We make sure collections are in check so the practice can focus on what is truly important – patient care.

Our billing specialists are here to assist the offices with patient payments and refunds. Our goal is to alleviate some of the pressure by keeping track of patient accounts and services rendered, calling on past due balances, and issuing patient refunds. We strive to ensure the office is up to date on collections so they can focus on patient care.

Insurance can be a nightmare; let us help. We handle everything from credentialing to insurance breakdowns and calling on claims.

Dealing with insurance can be time consuming and frustrating –  Our job is to make sure each office has the resources available to assist every patient whether or not they have insurance.

We handle credentialing, insurance breakdowns, processing claims, and posting insurance payments to patient charts.

If a patient has a question about an upcoming appointment, wants to schedule or just needs directions to our office, we are here to help.

Our representatives are ready and able to answer any overflow calls from the office. We created the call center to help reduce the number of missed calls throughout the day. Whether a patient has a question about an upcoming appointment, wants to schedule or just needs directions to our office, we are here to help. Each call is important and we want our patients to know, we will do everything we can to provide them with the best service possible.

Our procurement team maintains relationships with vendors large and small across the country in order to get the best prices on quality dental supplies and equipment. We develop relationships with vendors in order to provide the Leveraging the size our our group is one best ways to reduce unneeded expense for our partner practices

We offer support for the practices to help keep daily operations running smoothly.

Whether it’s ordering supplies, scheduling routine maintenance or dealing with IT issues, we are here to help the practice continue operating efficiently. We take care of the behind the scenes details so the practice can provide the best patient care.

Human Resources handles employee development, daily operations, and staff recruitment.

Human Resources focuses on creating a work environment that promotes employee growth and development in alignment with our company vision and goals. HR provides our dental offices with services that include employee relations, talent acquisition, compliance and labor relations, and employee development.  

AT SDP we continually strive to provide the best patient care possible; we are always looking for hard-working individuals who can help make our practices even better. Looking for a new opportunity? Contact Us!

Our In-house marketing team focuses on growing each practice’s individual brand and developing a customized marketing plan for each practice. We focus on being cost-efficient in terms of ROI and driving as much new patient flow as possible. Whether it is implementing a new speciality in one our partner practices or continually growing the patient base, we have tested every avenue of marketing and know which to implement in every location.

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