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“We founded Southeast Dental Partners in 2012 with the vision of combining all of the best aspects of a large group of providers with the traditional private practice that has thrived for so long. At that time, Corporate Dentistry had started to grow a real presence in our industry, so we wanted to preserve the essence of clinician-led private practices and the voice of our fellow dentists. Since then, Dentistry has continued to change rapidly, but our core mission has continued to be the same – To Create independence, Opportunities, and Balance for dentists.”

Michael Modlin, Jr., DDS

Ryan Londry, DDS

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Why Choose Us?

SDP is fully owned and operated by dentists who are dedicated to helping preserve community-based, private dental practices. We believe in providing an environment with full clinical autonomy, real input into your schedule and treating patients the way you know how.

Clinical Mentorship Opportunity?

We have partner doctors and clinical directors that are there to support our doctors with specific cases and implementing new procedures as you gain comfort, knowledge, and confidence as a clinician.

Partnership Opportunity?

Absolutely! Supporting our associates personal and professional goals is mission critical and we understand that partnership is an important step for some clinicians journey. We strive to provide doctors the opportunity for true work life balance with a robust and dedicated team at your fingers tips to handle accounting, insurance, human resources and all the other curveballs business throws at us. This allows our partners to be apart of a team, create a personal brand and have real say in creating the office environment desired for the team and patients.  

Power up your Practice

Interested in Selling Your Practice?

Our mission is to provide a patient-centered approach led by experienced physicians focusing on financial sustainability. Chain dental practices and DSOs are becoming more prevalent, making it harder for independent dental practices to compete. This leaves new graduates with the choice of working for a corporate chain with limited ownership potential or starting a business without support. Southeast Dental Partners offers an ideal solution. Our valued partnership and support enable dentists to achieve greater independence, seize opportunities, and attain a balance between professional and personal pursuits.

  • Do Dentistry the way you want to do it period.

    Dedicated Clinical Director to help you with specific case support in real-time, and implementing new procedures as you grow as a clinician.

  • Community/Personal Brand - Build your practice the way you would want it

    Become a practice owner while avoiding the hassles of managing and running a business.

  • Ownership/Equity - Clear and Easy path to ownership

    Clear and easy path to ownership.