Interested in Selling Your Practice?

Interested in Selling Your Practice?

SDP is wholly owned and operated by dentists dedicated to helping preserve community-based, private dental practices. We strive to provide partner dentists with lasting relationships and ownership opportunities that can offer economies of scale while allowing for complete doctor autonomy. Our sole mission is to create amazing opportunities for dentists and work to provide what they want out of their careers.

Ready to sell and retire immediately?

We provide a seamless, worry-free transition and sales process for your practice and staff, ensuring long-term stability and continuity for their patients. Our commitment is to make this change go as smoothly as possible for staff and patients while preserving the practice’s exceptional contribution to its community. We have a dedicated transition and onboarding team to ensure this is easy for you.

Want to partner with us and continue working?

Are you tired of practicing dentistry and running the business simultaneously? Would you like to sell a portion (or the entirety) of your practice but remain a partner and still reap the rewards of practice ownership and wealth generation? Let’s talk.