Power up your Practice

Interested in Selling Your Practice?

SDP is fully owned and operated by dentists who are dedicated to helping preserve community-based, private dental practices. Today, you have lots of options in terms of who to sell to, and/or who to partner with. We will help you maximize the financial return on the business you have grown, without turning it into a corporate run practice.

Ready to sell and retire immediately?

We provide a seamless, worry-free transition and sales process for your practice and staff, ensuring long-term stability and continuity for your patients. Our commitment is to make this change go as smoothly as possible for your team while preserving the practice’s exceptional contribution to its community. We have a dedicated transition and on boarding team to make sure this is easy for you.

Want to partner with us and continue working?

Are you tired of practicing dentistry and running the business at the same time? Would you like to sell a portion of your practice but remain a partner? Selling your practice is a one time event, but the financial gain you get from the sale is not a one time transaction. There is so much more value to be gained with the right partner, and we would love to show you what that looks like.

Power up your Practice

Interested in Selling Your Practice?

Our mission is to provide a patient-centered approach led by experienced physicians focusing on financial sustainability. Chain dental practices and DSOs are becoming more prevalent, making it harder for independent dental practices to compete. This leaves new graduates with the choice of working for a corporate chain with limited ownership potential or starting a business without support. Southeast Dental Partners offers an ideal solution. Our valued partnership and support enable dentists to achieve greater independence, seize opportunities, and attain a balance between professional and personal pursuits.

  • Do Dentistry the way you want to do it period.

    Dedicated Clinical Director to help you with specific case support in real-time, and implementing new procedures as you grow as a clinician.

  • Community/Personal Brand - Build your practice the way you would want it

    Become a practice owner while avoiding the hassles of managing and running a business.

  • Ownership/Equity - Clear and Easy path to ownership

    Clear and easy path to ownership.