Interested In Selling Your Practice?

Southeast Dental Partners looks to acquire general dental practices throughout North Carolina and the greater southeast. We are FULLY owned and operated by dentists and we genuinely want to preserve the community-based, private dental practice. We bring on partner dentists who want a long-term relationship and ownership in the practice, and help them transition into that opportunity.  We are able to gain all of the economies of scale that come along with multiple practice ownership, but still preserve complete doctor autonomy. It is important to us to honor the selling dentist’s legacy, provide stability to their teams, and provide a continuity of care for their patients after they retire.

Ryan and Mike and the SDP team orchestrated a finale for my career that exceeded even my greatest hopes.  They turned an event I had worried about into a perfect experience with a result I could not be any happier about.  Thank you for making the beginning of the next phase of my life one of the best.  At least two ‘Southern Gentlemen’ still exist. 


Over my 30 plus years in dentistry I have transitioned four dental practices.  With two of them I was the seller and with the other two I was the buyer.  One of those four practices was sold to Dr. Ryan Londry and Dr. Mike Modlin, Jr., who are the owners and founders of Southeast Dental Partners (SDP). 

While every practice transition requires dedicated effort, with two committed parties willing to work together toward a common goal, the practice sale to this forward thinking team was about as seamless as it gets.  Docs Mike and Ryan “get it” that a dental practice is far more than a commodity sold to the highest bidder.  For lots of us dentists with practices we have built from scratch, besides our practice representing the decades of professional effort it took to build and nurture it, there is the human side we cannot overlook, forging the question “How will my staff and patients be treated by the new caretakers?”

While SDP has a competent and stable support team at its disposal, Ryan and Mike are very hands-on, ensuring that your staff and patients will handle the transition well (like mine did), as they are treated with the utmost respect and care.  


Ready to sell and retire immediately?

We provide an easy and hassle-free transition and sales process while also providing stability for your practice and team for the long term. Our goal is to make this as smooth a transition as possible for the staff and patients and also maintain the practice as a distinct provider for the community it serves.

Want to sell and stay on as a partner?

If you are interested in selling, but not quite ready to step away from clinical dentistry we would be open to you staying on as the sole or main provider after the transition as well. This would allow you to “cash out” of the practice, but still work and keep income coming in. We also offer the opportunity to retain a percentage of the practice in the event that you wanted to stay on as a partner.

What We Offer

  • Smooth and efficient transition

  • An honest and transparent sale process

  • Preservation of your community practice ideals without becoming a corporate dental practice

  • 100% cash at closing or potential seller financing if seller is interested in that route

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