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As “chain” dental practices and DSO’s are becoming more commonplace in the industry, it is (and will become) harder for the solo dental practice to compete due to their buying power and large scale support systems. Many new graduates are left with the choice of working with a large corporate chain with decent benefits but low salaries and no ownership potential vs. the risk of starting up a dental practice with no business experience and no support. Southeast Dental Partners provides the best of both worlds and a better option – one where you can be an owner and have complete clinical autonomy, and have exceptional earning potential from day one.

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Main Office: 19810 W. Catawba Ave, Suite A1, Cornelius, NC 28031
Phone: (704) 997-8878
Email: Partnerships@southeastdentalpartners.com

Hear What Our Partner Dentist’s Have To Say…

“I am grateful for my opportunity to work with Southeast Dental Partners.  They make being a dentist more rewarding for me by handling the day to day business issues and letting me focus on taking care of my patients. I am part owner of a practice just a few years out of school, and I know that opportunity was one few new graduates find.”

C.G., Partner Dentist

“The atmosphere here is great!  Having complete clinical autonomy with no pressure to perform really makes my lifestyle very relaxing and is why I enjoy coming to work everyday.  I was able to join this practice soon after residency where my fascination with learning new procedures was not only suggested but strongly encouraged by providing me all the tools I needed to succeed.  The practices under this group have been able to develop reputable name that patients trust, which keeps our offices busy and very productive.  One of the unique aspects of this group is the ability to become a part owner in the practice, no matter if you have just graduated school or have been in practice for years.  With systems in place to ensure smoothly running offices and keeping overhead low, the production and profits of the practices are very rewarding.  I would recommend anyone taking a closer look into becoming part of the team! ”

M.H., Partner Dentist
Working and becoming a partner with Southeast Dental Partners has been an amazing experience. They make it easy for me to provide the highest quality of care for my patients, while also helping to maximize productivity around the office. With Southeast, I’m able to operate like a traditional single-doctor practice but with all of the benefits of being associated with a larger group. We have a strong network of offices who are always willing to help each other out. Southeast cares about their doctors and staff members, not just the bottom line.
M.V, Partner Dentist

One of the most rewarding aspects of joining Southeast Dental Partners has been the ability to treat my own population of patients with full clinical autonomy. It’s a comforting feeling knowing that the structure and support is there to keep the business side of the practice running smoothly while you focus solely on providing quality dentistry for your patients. Joining the real world of dentistry right out of dental school can be the most stressful part of a young dentist’s career – SDP has not only eliminated that stress, but has provided me with the opportunity and tools to deliver high-quality dentistry at a pace that feels comfortable to me. Becoming a partner in such a structured and knowledgeable group has made my transition from dental school an excellent experience.

K.B., Partner Dentist
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Our Road Map

1. The Strategic Blueprint

The Strategic Blueprint

Meet with Dr. Londry and Dr. Modlin to get to know each other, discuss potential opportunities, and learn all that Southeast Dental Partners has to offer. Discover how SDP uniquely combines the benefits of both the solo private practice and a greater group of providers.

2. The Practice Analysis

The Practice Analysis

The Southeast Dental Partners team is continuously using their knowledge and experience to seek out and analyze practice opportunities. We locate practices that are primed for growth, and that present an array of potential. We focus on finding and developing the practice with total success for the doctor and team in mind.

3. The Strategic Launch

The Strategic Launch

Behind the scenes preparation by the Southeast Dental Partners team preparing for the grand opening. Everything ranging from logo and website creation, human resources, licensing and purchasing, insurance negotiation, and marketing is completed. SDP goes to work with their exclusive method which provides not only a smooth transition, but guarantees a long and successful future that begins almost immediately after taking over.

4. The Practice Maximizer

The Practice Maximizer

Strategic management, monitoring and advertising. Dr. Modlin and Dr. Londry have a proven track record of taking practices that are under-performing and turning them into incredibly well-run, efficient practices. We focus on providing superb and friendly customer service, quality and comprehensive care and maximizing efficiency both clinically and economically. On average, a SDP practice more than doubles in growth in the first 2 years and sees quadruple returns in 3 years, while decreasing overhead to under 50%.

5. The Pathway to Partnership

The Pathway to Partnership

As a partner dentist with Southeast Dental Partners you have a clear path to ownership from Day One. We work closely with our partnering dentists to plan and implement a path to ownership and a timeline that feels right for them. Because of our strategic methods, the partners not only build equity but also financially benefit from an extremely profitable and well run practice.