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Over my 30 plus years in dentistry I have transitioned four dental practices. With two of them I was the seller and with the other two I was the buyer. One of those four practices was sold to Dr. Ryan Londry and Dr. Mike Modlin, Jr., who are the owners and founders of Southeast Dental Partners (SDP).

While every practice transition requires dedicated effort, with two committed parties willing to work together toward a common goal, the practice sale to this forward thinking team was about as seamless as it gets. Docs Mike and Ryan “get it” that a dental practice is far more than a commodity sold to the highest bidder. For lots of us dentists with practices we have built from scratch, besides our practice representing the decades of professional effort it took to build and nurture it, there is the human side we cannot overlook, forging the question “How will my staff and patients be treated by the new caretakers?”

While SDP has a competent and stable support team at its disposal, Ryan and Mike are very hands-on, ensuring that your staff and patients will handle the transition well (like mine did), as they are treated with the utmost respect and care. SDP has grown from a concept to a reality and beyond since this particular practice sale, but the important principals put in place early on by these two dentists has not changed: The practice is part of the community, so do what it takes to keep it stable within the community. Allow the associates to become part owners of the practice and provide the staff with ongoing support and incentives. The two doctor’s concepts and ideals are more than a recipe, they are part of the fabric of who they are.

Dr. Kyle Taylor